Groin Guards for Male / Female Officers

A fully adjustable 2” webbing belt. Ensuring the thigh guards stay in position.

This slimline groin protector in both Male and Female versions are washable and secure in use.

Groin Guard
Sizing Guide:
Male = MGG 100 – Female = FGG 100
To fit waist male
Medium 30″ – 36″
Large 36″ – 40″
To fit waist female
Small 24″ – 32″
Medium 32″ – 42″
made in GB

Made in the UK

Based in Ludlow, in the heart of England, our factory produces PPE of the highest standards to be deployed by police and security forces around the world.

tested and BSI approved

Tested and Approved

Scorpion Limb Protection has been tested and certified to both BS7971-4:2002 and the UK Home Office CAST standard 20/07.

The Scorpion range of personal shields has been tested and certified to BS7971-3:2002.