Medic/Dog Handler Shield

General Description:
A lightweight protective shield, especially designed to meet the unique requirements of the Medic or Dog Handler in a riot situation. The forearm loop allows the shield to be retained while leaving both hands free to use other equipment built with an integral shoulder strap to aid carriage when the officer is engaged in their specialised duties.

Made from lightweight 1.5kg, strong 3mm thick clear Makralon polycarbonate, the shield offers excellent resistance to impacts, thrown objects and liquids, while giving the user an excellent field of vision ahead.

Made with quick release Velcro fastened forearm straps and an aluminium grab handle and backing plate for maximum strength and security. Alternative handles are available. This shield comes with an additional fold-away shoulder strap included.

Impact absorption:
The Shield handles are mounted on a foam/aluminium backing plate which significantly reduces transmission of vibration to the forearm and through the handles.

Warranty/Service Life:
12 months warranty against defects in materials/workmanship. If used in accordance with the user instructions and not subject to damage anticipated service life is 5 years.

Available in standard size:
550mm diameter x 3mm thickness

Download Product Data Sheet:
Medic Handler Shield DS

made in GB

Made in the UK

Based in Ludlow, in the heart of England, our factory produces PPE of the highest standards to be deployed by police and security forces around the world.

tested and BSI approved

Tested and Approved

Scorpion Limb Protection has been tested and certified to both BS7971-4:2002 and the UK Home Office CAST standard 20/07.

The Scorpion range of personal shields has been tested and certified to BS7971-3:2002.