Interlocking Shield

The Scorpion Interlocking Shield is manufactured from 4mm thick clear polycarbonate to give excellent resistance to impacts, thrown objects and liquids while giving the user a clear field of vision ahead. The handles are mounted on a foam/aluminium backing plate which reduces the amount of vibration being transmitted through to the user.

A specially designed friction linkage system joins the shields together to form a continuous barrier. This combines with our revolutionary webbing straps which link together mechanically whilst still allowing easy, straight forward operation.

Available in three standard sizes:

  • 560 x 575 x 4mm
  • 1000 x 575 x 4mm
  • 1200 x 575 x 4mm
  • 1800 x 575 x 4mm

Other lengths can be produced on request.

Ease of Stacking:
A key feature of the Scorpion Shield range is that it has been designed to address the problems frequently encountered in the storage and transportation of personal protective equipment.

Folding Handles (optional):
Unlike other shields on the market, The Scorpion range of interlocking shields can be built with folding handles. These fold flat using a unique locking mechanism, so that valuable storage space, both in vehicles and at the stores, can be utilised more effectively. The user is able to lock and unlock the handles in seconds, providing an effective barrier when confronted with a wide variety of situations. This saves the user time and effort in situations where effective shielding, combined with speedy action often means the difference between protection and injury.

Please note that if your application does not suit the locking handles, there are alternatives available.

We are also able to discuss alternatives that are not at present part of our product range, in the event of this, contact us.

made in GB

Made in the UK

Based in Ludlow, in the heart of England, our factory produces PPE of the highest standards to be deployed by police and security forces around the world.

tested and BSI approved

Tested and Approved

Scorpion Limb Protection has been tested and certified to both BS7971-4:2002 and the UK Home Office CAST standard 20/07.

The Scorpion range of personal shields has been tested and certified to BS7971-3:2002.